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Town Houses & Multi Units

We’re expert townhouse builders in Melbourne with a reputation for service, transparency and delivery. Specialists in custom built townhouse solutions.

Experienced townhouse and multi-unit builders in Melbourne

We’ve built more than 400 townhouses and multi-units in Melbourne. So we know how to do it right. For us, it’s all about attention to detail:

  • careful planning beforehand keeps budgets in control 
  • meticulous project management means deadlines are met
  • collaboration with clients means clarity and transparency

The result? Beautiful, quality townhouses and multi-units, built on budget and on time. That makes you a happy customer.

From concept to completion

We don’t disappear after you’ve signed the contract and leave you with a junior to manage your project. From the first feasibility study to the last coat of paint, we are there. Our director Mario keeps a close eye on proceedings for quality control. As expert townhouse builders in Melbourne, we have a formula that works: careful planning, driving relationships to deliver quality and completing the project fast.

Experienced construction

This townhouse or multi-unit project? It simply HAS to work. The budget is tight. The deadline is fixed. Every delay means loss of income. We get it. We’ve delivered successful townhouse and multi-unit developments across Melbourne. We keep it simple, and keep you informed. Our streamlined process has been carefully honed with every successful property we’ve built. We know it works. Contact us to learn more. 

“Mario and his team are superb”

“They are open with their communication and transparent with not only costs but timelines and potential risks. I cannot speak more highly of the Martex group. They offer outstanding quality and product.” Grant Edgley, Box Hill South